Frequently Asked Questions:
How do I become a sperm donor?

The first step is to apply online. When your application is reviewed, you will be contacted via your preferred contact method and informed of your status.

If you’re selected to continue, you will complete a phone screen and an online medical history questionnaire. Next, you will come in for an interview with your donor coordinator and leave a semen sample for analysisIf your semen sample is approved, our team of professionals will conduct a physical and psychological examOnce everything checks out, you are officially a sperm donor. 

Do I qualify to become a sperm donor?

Sperm donor requirements include but are not limited to sperm quality, medical history, background, personality, high-risk behavior, education, occupation, and physical features. Specific requirements are subject to change based on the needs of our clients. Apply today to see if you qualify.

Are men who have sex with men (MSM) eligible to donate?

As a sperm bank, we must abide by all FDA regulations for human cell and tissue-based products (HCTP) when vetting sperm donor applicants. Currently, the FDA classifies men who have had sex with men in the past 5 years as high-risk and ineligible to donate sperm. Learn more about the FDA policy on high-risk behavior and donor eligibility.

Unable to donate?
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How much do sperm donors make?

During the screening process, you will receive a one-time bonus upon acceptance into our program. Once you are fully accepted into the donor program, your sperm donor reimbursement will be in the form of a check. Donors can get reimbursed up to $1,400 per month and earn extra cash as an ambassador. 

Our donor coordinator will provide you with more details about the payment structure during the interview process 

When will I be notified about my application status?

You will receive an email response within 48 hours of completing the online application. If you have not heard from your local facility within 48 hours, please email us at info@donatesperm.com to check your application status 

Do I need to live near a donation clinic?

Not necessarily. We suggest our donors live, work, or attend school within 2 hours of a donation clinic because all donations are collected on-site. 

How long will it take to be onboarded into the program?

From start to finish, the onboarding process usually takes 4-6 weeks to complete. During the first appointment, applicants should expect to spend about an hour filling out the medical history questionnaire, providing a test sample, and participating in an interview. Depending on your sample quality, we may schedule additional appointments to collect samples for sperm analysis. The final appointments include a mental health evaluation, physical, blood draw, and genetics test.

How often can I donate?

We ask our donors to commit to 6 months, visiting the office at least twice a weekMost of our donors choose to donate past the minimum commitment, maximizing their reimbursement. The maximum time investment will vary for each donor.

How do I leave a semen sample?

You will produce your sample in private room equipped with a selection of adult videos for stimulation. Donors are welcome to bring their own laptops or tablets. Yes, we have wifi! 

What do you look for during the sperm analysis?

We test for sperm quality, only accepting semen with above-average sperm count and motility. If you’re not accepted into our program, it does not necessarily mean your sperm count is too low to conceive children. Motility rates can fluctuate based on a number of factors, such as extreme temperatures or sexual activity.  

Is the program confidential?

Your privacy is our top priority. Online applications are submitted through our secure website directly to our facility. Donors are identified with a donor number to protect their identity. We will not share your identity until reported offspring conceived with your sperm are legal adults. At that time, we can release your information when donor offspring requests it. Learn more about our privacy policy.

How does genetic testing affect my anonymity?

During the screening process, we test donor applicants for 280+ genetic carrier conditionsYou may request a copy of the test results for your records. Our genetic testing does not affect your donor anonymity. 

If you or any of your relatives sign up for a commercial genetic test kit like Ancestry or 23andMe and opt into seeing connections made via their database, you may be identified by others who test themselves or their children.  

What are my legal rights as a sperm donor?

Donors sign a legally binding contract waiving all parental rights and responsibilities to children conceived from their sperm. By signing this agreement, donors forfeit all responsibility and liability for offspring conceived from their donationsIn this contract, you agree that reported offspring conceived with your sperm can receive your information upon request when they are 18 years old. 


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